Typical Flavors!
- Country Vanilla 
- Cable Car Chocolate
- Very Strawberry
- New York Cheesecake
- Cookies and Cream
- Chocolate Carmel Turtle
- Peppermint Stick
- Strawberry Lemonade

Yo-Joe's frozen yogurt is made with the highest quality ingredients and our secret recipe was specially blended for a smooth and creamy taste. Our frozen yogurt has one of the highest counts of live and active yogurt cultures and is compliant with the National Yogurt Association Live and Active Culture program.

Yo-Joe's features many delicious frozen yogurt flavors and more toppings than you can imagine! With the self-serve process, you simply pay by the ounce - nothing more, nothing less. Stick to your diet or splurge on something fun! The possibilities are endless.

Check out all the Nutritional ifo from YoCream themselves:


Mix or match...
Self-serve yogurt.

Yo-Joe's offers many varieties of frozen yogurt to satisfy the widest of varieties of tastes. You can mix and match them however you seem fit! New flavors always come soon some come and try them all why they are here!

Only 45-cents per ounce of joy.
Weigh and pay.

Pay for exactly want you want - it's that easy.
Top off your yogurt with yummy.
Over 50 toppings

You name it we have it - candy, fruit, nuts, cereal, and everything in between. No two dishes are alike!